Three levels of support


    It all starts here. Open and flexible, we chart a path together toward your goals. We help build your dream team, advance your product, line up clients, even get into a traditional accelerator. Whatever helps you get unstuck and move forward.


    Sometimes it's best to skip accelerators go straight to investors. We help identify the right investors, draft emails, prep materials, coach you before meetings and help you negotiate your seed round at the right valuation.


    If we really love working together it may happen that we become fully invested as your co-founder. This can make sense especially for solo founders or first time entrepreneurs who need a deeper level of involvement from our team.


    Elaborated over ten years of experimentation and still evolving.


    Be present

    We try to be present in our conversations, relationships and surroundings. It may look like we are not working.


    Read the waves

    Markets are like waves. We study patterns carefully, the size, the movement and the other surfers.


    Date your ideas

    Don't marry them yet, just get to know them. What exactly do you like about them? Is this the right idea for you?


    Align the team

    Life goals, energy, problem solving and capacity to learn. These are some of the things we consider important.


    Make something

    A prototype is anything we can build that helps us better understand a user or problem or need. 


    Enter the market

    Timing is not important, it's everything.




    Internal projects we're studying, prototyping or building

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    Bestir Group

    Social Impact

    Bestir Group is a social impact consultancy for leading foundations and philanthropic organizations that aims to shift mindsets and behaviors through creative interventions.

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    Influencer Platform

    Woopdo is a micro-influencer platform where influencers inspire their fans to do great things. On Woopdo, influencers can transform followers into a vibrant community of co-creators




    Entrepreneurs and companies we are currently supporting

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    Carbon Emissions Software

    SINAI is mitigating climate change by enabling more intelligent carbon emission measurement, monitoring and trading using science-based methodologies and Ai.

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    Mehdi Reishi

    Health & Mindfulness

    Mehdi Reishi is a leading organic Reishi Mushroom Powder supplier determined to provide clients with the purest and most natural reishi supplements available.




    Companies we've launched, advised or otherwise championed

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    Production Company

    LICIOUS creates uplifting content for the worlds' top brands and agencies by combining crafted storytelling with emerging technology.

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    Advertising Agency

    LVL helps brands become a force for good. We create purpose driven campaigns for brands such as Coca-Cola, Starwood and State Farm.

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    App Dev. Software

    AppArchitect's web-based WYSIWYG editor for creating drag-and-drop mobile applications allows anyone easily build, test and distribute apps.

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    Office Space

    Workplace SaaS

    OfficeSpace is a high growth, SaaS company providing enterprise clients with the tools they need to run a more efficient workplace.

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    RPMWEST is a Kickstarter launched premium menswear brand providing meticulously designed and manufactured products in California.

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    Fast Mesh

    Internet Solutions

    FastMesh is a provider of Wireless internet solutions allowing users to easily sign up for an internet package right from the web-browser.

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    Legal Software

    INTELLIGIZE brings together best-in-class tools to help companies stay compliant, build stronger deals and deliver value to shareholders.

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    Mobile Game Dev.

    Limbic is an award-winning mobile game development studio with top-3 App Store statuses for such titles as Nuts! and Zombie Gunship.

  • What we do



    We explore, prototype and incubate businesses that excite our imagination. We also partner with entrepreneurs who inspire us. We strive to make a positive impact in everything we do.











    Show off your projects, features, or clients in this section.

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  • Join as a summer intern

    Every summer we select a handful of promising young entrepreneurs to work with us on our latest ventures. Interns do real work (not getting coffee) alongside founding teams. Internships run approximately 8 weeks in New York City between June 15 - August 15.


    Click "APPLY NOW" to fill out our application for summer intern.